Little Help?


Boy Child is sobbing – full on *sobbing* – over the injustice of the fact that he does not have a baby brother. Apparently, this is the only thing he wants in the whole entire universe. “Baby brothers grow up to be little brothers,” I said. He announced he didn’t care.

I suggested he ask his older sister about the trials of little brothers, but as it is her disdain for him that prompted this demand, she’s not considered a reliable source.

I suggested he ask his best friend, who has a little brother, for wisdom on the subject. Not. Happening.

His dad hears the problem and tried to help as only a children’s entertainer can. I was doing laundry at that exact moment, but I heard Dad suggest a hamster instead, which was met with wails of how Boy Child wants a pet.

Since baby brothers and sisters are not on the agenda for this uterus, how do I get him off this train?

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I am an aspiring author, and a complete romance novel addict. I have lots of fav authors, including Nora Roberts (of course), Marie Force, Jayne Krentz/Castle, Angela Knight, and Dianne Whiteside. Come see more samples of my work and an except from my completed manuscript, "The Warrior Wizard", at
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2 Responses to Little Help?

  1. um yep, his best friend would surely have an opinion on that….and well, I have an opinion on a hamster, in fact, I am certain his best friend would give up his little brother to him. Just saying.

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