Thankful 365


I took this pic a few years ago after a family day spent on public transit and downtown Vancouver. As you can see from their smiles and general sibling love, it was a day of good adventures.

Every time my children stand their ground, I am thankful they have the confidence to persist in what they want.

Every time they argue with me, I am thankful they can articulate their point.

Every time I am bombarded with minute of their current interest, I am thankful they can remember and recall all those details. They are not stupid. Information gets in.

Every time I have to book appointments, get to appointments, attend meetings, and devote time and energy into looking for specialists and service providers few of my friends will ever need, I am thankful I live in a country where help for my children is not only available, it’s covered.

Every time I handle someone else’s meltdown, I am thankful I have the tools and the resources to do so. Patience is finite. Knowledge is infinite.

Every time I say bedtime prayers with my children, and every time I kiss them goodnight, I am grateful that I can. Every time they tell me or show me that they love me, I am blessed to be their mother.

Every time they fight with each other – and I mean EVERY time – I wonder what sort of idiocy made me think reproducing would be good thing.



About penelopegeorge

I am an aspiring author, and a complete romance novel addict. I have lots of fav authors, including Nora Roberts (of course), Marie Force, Jayne Krentz/Castle, Angela Knight, and Dianne Whiteside. Come see more samples of my work and an except from my completed manuscript, "The Warrior Wizard", at
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