Umbrella Wars Diverted

Dimitri in tie

He felt the tie added a touch of class to the outfit.

Convo with (almost) 10 year old boy:
Boy Child: “Mom, where’s my umbrella? Can I play with my umbrella?”

Me (rising from chair) “Are you going to play responsibly with your umbrella?”

Boy Child: “Yes.”

Me: “Do you know what playing responsibly with an umbrella means?”

Boy Child: “On second thought, never mind.”

I don’t actually know if he figured out that responsible umbrella use is boring, that I was planning to monitor him with it, or if he was dodging a lecture on it. Either way, I suspect I saved someone this morning from a world of hurt.

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I am an aspiring author, and a complete romance novel addict. I have lots of fav authors, including Nora Roberts (of course), Marie Force, Jayne Krentz/Castle, Angela Knight, and Dianne Whiteside. Come see more samples of my work and an except from my completed manuscript, "The Warrior Wizard", at
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