There Are No Words…

This has been running around the Internet for at least a couple of days. Probably longer, but I was on vacay at my MIL’s, who is a techophobe and Internet-less, so I only saw it when I (finally!) returned to my computer.

But back to the subject – because a vacay at MIL’s is *not* something I want to talk about except to say the only time I was truly relaxed was when we were nowhere near her – the object of the Internet obsession is a letter, one written anonymously and so filled with bitterness and hate you would think the topic was about child murders.  

Here is a pic of the letter. I doubt it’s the original, since this one is an obvious photocopy onto pink paper. But it’s clear, and it’s frightening.




I thought, at first, that this was a bizarre joke. In fact, I hoped the only problem the letter-writer had was a twisted and bizarre sense of humor. People do the strangest things when bored, and making up a letter like this just to rile us up is very possible, especially if the letter writer pretended they found it randomly in the cyberverse. But, alas, my hopes were dashed by this article. This letter is real. It was sent to a grandmother of a 13 year old boy with autism, who occasionally had her grandson over for a visit.

There is no logic to this vile spewing. She is deliberately cruel, obviously strongly opinionated, has visions of this boy being dead and dismembered (she specifically suggests euthanizing and organ donation, because to her he is only valuable for parts) and yet she won’t sign her name. She’s a coward, but cowards are not harmless. Cowards will harm if opportunity arises and they are confidant only the powerless will know.

The police were contacted, and they are following up. Apparently, this letter does not fit the legal criteria for a hate crime, though they have other ideas for bringing the law down upon this woman. But there are more victims here, ones she mentions in the letter. This woman has children.

What environment are these children being raised in? The woman is a screamer on paper. Caps lock and dozens of exclamation points directed to a stranger because she feels her peace and tranquility have been compromised. I cannot believe that these children in her care are safe. She is a careless and angry person, and a coward. Will her kids be knocked over because she wasn’t doing her job as mother? Will they be emotionally and physically bruised because they could not pour their own drink, and spilled milk on the table? Will she scream at them because she made a mistake? Will she demand perfect service for her wants and needs, and will these children pay a price for being very normal and less-than-perfect? Or is she teaching them to be cruel, to find victims to exploit, to blame the world for their choices, and to hold value to what is considered selfish?

I hope, for the sake of her children and her children’s children, that when she is identified Child Protections Services starts making regular house calls to her address. Because in her own words she is, “One pissed off mother”.

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